This is how we do it.

The Music Life is an exploration of what it means to be a contemporary maker of music during what could be considered 'the wild west' era of the music industry for the indie artist.  This exploration is done through conversations with a diverse array of working music artists, producers, and industry professionals.  There are many questions to be asked and stories to be told.

The podcast is hosted and produced by two working musicians and record producers, Louis Abramson & Joey Secchiaroli.  Both have spent the better part of their lives pursuing careers in music on both ends of the mic.  With years of professional experience producing recordings for other artists, as well as writing, performing and producing records for their own respective bands, the duo hopes to bring some fresh perspectives on the highly unadvisable path of the modern music maker.

Check out Louis's band, 'Jolly'.


Check out Joey's band, 'The Reign Of Kindo.'